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In Good and Bad, In Sickness and Affair: Why Did I Stay with My Unfaithful Husband?

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You probably wondered what you would do if your husband cheated on you.

Would you throw him out? Would you spend all his money? Would you forbid him from seeing children? But, of course, this is all just hypothetical.

Women rarely say they would take the cheating husband back. But, on the other hand, statistics say otherwise.

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Personally, I would never take him back – well, not in theory. I was married for 10 years when he admitted cheating on me with his assistant.

I was 42 and had three kids. I was just finishing my 13th book, and life was good. However, I had doubts about them spending time together at work, maybe too much time.

One time, while he was on a business trip with his assistant, he would not answer my calls. That is when it hit me! At first, I thought I was just paranoid, but I asked for an explanation the next day. He partially admitted and confirmed my doubts. He said they had kissed once and then changed it to a couple of times.

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I insisted he comes home right away so we could save our marriage. He immediately came, and while he was driving home, I paced around the house. I was trying to figure out what to say, what to do.

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