What Are The Baby Name Trends To Look Forward To Next Year?

Each year, a whole new slew of babies are born, and that means a lot of new names coming into the world. When it comes to naming their child, a lot of parents feel pressure to give their newborn a unique name that will help them stand out. This often creates naming trends, and each year, we can see how these trends come and go. So what is in store for next year? Nameberry has shared what the predictions are for the upcoming year and brand new babies coming into the world.

A Return of the 80’s

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What is in fashion will inevitably go out of fashion, but just as likely is that it will later come back into fashion. The same goes with names, and now that it’s been about 4 decades, the 1980’s are back. The names that were popular back then are being brought back. These include Blane, Ferris, Laurel, Chrissy, Penny, and Robin.

Maximalist Names

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For many peoples, short and sweet just won’t cut it while naming their baby, and they believe that bigger is better. These names evoke a grandiose feel and truly capture the maximalist vibe. Names in this category include Cassiopeia, Amadeus, Ottoline, Wolfgang, Wednesday, and Lysander.

Golden Names

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These names have one shiny thing in common: they all evoke a golden, almost halo-like feeling. Maybe it’s because we’ve been through such dark times lately, but a lot of parents are looking to bring some brightness into the world with these names. They include Orla, Sunshine, Apollo, Aurelia, Lucien, and Zora.

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