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Moms Can Still Have Fun: We Still Make Love Every Day, Even Though I Just Gave Birth

The period after giving birth is not easy because new responsibilities come with the baby. However, intimacy should not be forgotten.

The reality star and a mother of four, Tanya Beardsley, said that even though she just gave birth, she still gets it on with her hubby. She says she does it for her men to stay loyal!


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Four other couples shared their stories about their $ex life since becoming parents.

Sleep deprivation, a tightly packed schedule, and a newborn baby can cut the sexy time by half. A fifth of the parents cannot remember the last time they got freaky. On the other hand, the TV star and businesswoman, Tanya Beardsley, the star of ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire,’ said she makes love to her husband Phil every day, so he can stay loyal.

The Sun asked four pairs of parents to reveal how much time they have for being intimate.

Katie & Ade: Patience is the key

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Katie (33) and her fiancé Ade (40) live with their daughter Calypso (2) and Kate’s sons Loki (10) and Indy (4). The couple has $ex once a month. Katie, a housewife, said it was three times a week when they first met. Now that their

Ideally, a couple should be intimate every day, but Katie said she would settle for twice a week. More $ex would be freeing, but with so little time, it is hard. We just have to be patient.

Michelle & John: Keeping the flame alive

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Michelle (37) and her husband John (34) make love once every two weeks. They have two kids – Issy (15) and Thomas (5).

When they first met, Michelle said they rocked the bed even six times a week. But once their younger one was born, she had to juggle two kids and the breastfeeding and the baby sleeping in the bed. This would cause John to end up sleeping on the sofa.

They could never be spontaneous with her being sleep-deprived or John being too tired. So they are lucky if the $ex happens every few weeks, usually in the morning.
They wish they could do it every day and hope to do it once the kids grow up.
But instead, they try to keep the fire alive and cuddle every day for at least half an hour.


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