My Husband and I Go Months Without $ex…Is That Bad?

My husband and I don’t really have $ex all that much. The last time was probably 2 months or so ago. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other, but between work, the kids, the dog, and our favorite streaming shows, it’s come (or not come!) to this. Isn’t constant $ex, 10 plus years in, overrated anyway? – Netflix & Chillaxed

For many of us lifers, hot and bothered has long been replaced by can’t be bothered, and the excited, anticipatory, butterfly sensation we used to have in our stomach about our partner, we now call “acid reflux.”

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But wanna know a secret? Umpteen years (29) into my life sentence, I finally learned that when I stop listening to the voice in my head that opts for TV over $ex, it’s a good thing.

Indeed, the more I jump my partner, the more I like them.

Problem is, how often do any of us really feel like doing (pun intended) what’s good for us? Left to our own devices, we skip the gym, overeat, under-sleep, push snooze (x4) for an alarm we set, etc; and, so long as we feel an inch guilty about any of it, we consider ourselves good humans. Now, add years of marriage to the mix, work, a kid or two, a dog, a pandemic stint, HBO Max, and what do you got?

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Answer: A $exless marriage, a crossbody bag full of understandable, universal excuses and a business relationship to raise kids and/or pets.

The even bigger challenge? The more we’re willing to consider how to like our partners enough to jump them again, the more we have to be willing to give them the answers to the pop quiz we didn’t even know we were proctoring.

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