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AITA For Telling My Bio Mom That I Like My Stepmom More Because She Actually Puts Me First?

My dad has always had primary custody and I (16f) stayed with my bio mom on weekends. When I was 4 I was supposed to stay with her once for a week when my dad and stepmom went on their honeymoon.

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My dad is white with blonde hair and green eyes. My bio mom is Latina with darker skin and hair. I am a carbon copy of my dad except I have my bio mom’s curly hair. My bio mom always hated that I looked like my dad so on the first day she and another lady dyed my hair dark brown and made me get a spray tan. I used to be allergic to a lot of stuff so I broke out in hives after the spray tan and instead of calling my dad or a doctor, she gave me Benadryl every few hours until my grandparents showed up and took me (my dad sent them because my bio mom wasn’t answering his calls).

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My dad went to court after that but she still had me on weekends.

Fast forward to when I was 9 my bio mom starts bringing her boyfriend and his kids to her house when I was there. His kids were 6 and 2 and I was expected to share everything with them. There was this stuffed animal and blanket that my grandma made me when I was 8 and she died a few months later so I was really attached to the bunny and blanket and used to take them to her house. Her boyfriends 2 year old wanted them so she made me give them to her. My dad was able to get them back though. After that she told me I wasn’t allowed to come over if I couldn’t share and play nicely with my “new sisters” so I stopped bringing clothes and toys that I liked so it wouldn’t hurt when her boyfriends kids wanted them.


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