Johnny Depp Celebrates Amber Heard Trial Win in Bar After Being Mobbed by Fans

Johnny Depp was spotted in a pub just moments before winning his multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Depp did not appear in court today as he was in the UK and was seen just minutes before the verdict was read out in Newcastle’s Bridge Tavern.

Dressed in a baseball cap, sunglasses and a checked overcoat, Depp drank Newcastle Brown Ale.

He had traditional fish and chips before he left to listen to the verdict in the court case verdict around 7pm.


Later, he was spotted celebrating his victory over Heard in the Jam Jar venue in the Jesmond area of the city.

Janine Latchford, 33, the manageress of the Bridge Tavern, said that she could not believe it when Depp walked into the bar around 5pm.


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