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Loving Couple Eat Together For 13 Years, One Day He Only Eats With Her Photo…

When we get married we commonly say ‘until death do we part’ but for this amazing guy it goes beyond this for his wife that passed away, but he still truly loved… He continued to eat at the restaurant that they used to enjoy together. Now he takes her framed photo and has it on the table next to him as he eats, to feel close to her!

This amazing guy, Clarence Purvis, 93, found love in his life, she was called Carolyn Todd, when she was, back in the day, just 16 years old, when they first met each other, he was 24 at that time! About a year later they married each other.

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This was to be the start of 63 years together, in that time their love just grew stronger and stronger and their lives grew closer, all the time filled with love and understanding

As Clarence tells the story their time together was the stuff of fairy tales, it was a one in a million example of true love that fairy tale that everyone searched for, but very few actually find!

Clarence said:

couple true love forever he now dines alone 02

“Ain’t nobody loved one another more than me and my wife loved one another. I wanted what she wanted and she wanted what I wanted”

Dining at the same place for lunch for the last 13 years, Clarence and his wife went to the Smith’s Restaurant in Reidsville with religious dedication. Even when four years back Carolyn died he still didn’t leave her out, he took her photo to the restaurant and placed it on the table to remember her!


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