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You Are Not Worth My Time: Once You Realize How Important Your Feelings Are, You Won’t Give Them Away So Easily

If people do not value your feelings, step away because it means they do not appreciate you. You should avoid such people at any cause and take care of yourself.

How often have we broken our own hurt caring for the wrong people? 

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You gave your all for someone and got nothing in return. At first, you thought you could melt the cold heart, but in the end, you realized it would not go so easy.

One disappointment after the other has broken your heart until you meet someone who has been through the same thing.

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Do not think about returning to that person who hurt you because life will give back the pain they put you through.

Learn how to save your feelings for someone who deserves them.

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If people take you for granted, step away. You do not want to get hurt again.

You should know how to keep your heart safe. Once you have bad feelings, do not ignore them – accept them and wait until they pass.

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Once you realize how precious your feelings are, you will save them for someone who knows how to appreciate you. Believe us, it is for your own good.

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