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The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You: Selfishness – Ego’s Food and Souls’ Poison

What do we mean when we say someone is selfish? Unfortunately, this term usually has a negative meaning; when we use it to describe someone, we do not say anything nice.

Everyone is a bit selfish, but some people just go too far with it. If we say someone is selfish, we mean they do not care about others. 

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If we want to describe a selfish person, we would say they are

Sensitive to criticism and rejection

Their self-worth is determined by others 

Someone with low self-esteem 

Their ego is what defines them

Selfish persons are too sensitive to criticism. They take every suggestion too personally and think of it as rejection. So if you try to give them a piece of advice, they might feel attacked and angry.

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This kind of person wants acceptance and approval from others. They feel unloved, and they do not know of self-love. Outside they appear arrogant, proud, and confident. On the inside, however, they are insecure, hurt, and lonely and feel rejected.

Why do people think selfishness is the food for ego? 

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