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Woman With 7 Miscarriages Shares Her Emotional Road To Motherhood

There are a lot of people out there who struggle to become parents. But, they never lose hope that one day their hands will hold a tiny creature they’ll love with all their heart. The following is a story about a couple who never gave up and who learned about the power of motherhood.

Trisha Long Bell has gone through more in the pursuit to become a mother than most could even imagine. She and her husband of six years have discovered they were pregnant seven times – and seven times their hearts have been destroyed with the news of a miscarriage.

However, even on the darkest of days, God wasn’t through with them. They found this out in a miraculous turn of events after the birth of their second boy.

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Facebook/Trisha Long Bell

Trisha and her husband understood they were blessed with the birth of their first son, Urijah. After so many heartbreaking disappointments before, they knew a second child might just be out of the question.

But hoping God would bless them with one more baby, the couple kept trying. Sure enough, Trisha found out she was pregnant again and carried the baby without any major complications – that was, until the day of his birth.

Doctors discovered their newborn son was born without a heartbeat, pulse and any oxygen in his brain, which resulted in severe brain damage. They urged her to “pull the plug” on her infant boy, but Trisha just couldn’t do it. Instead, she listened to her motherly instincts and opted to do something else entirely.

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