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Strong And Independent but Unhappy Woman: Here’s Why

Today women make more money, make it big in business, and have a good education. But, despite their new freedom, they are unsatisfied, and some ideals keep them from achieving happiness. So how to break the circle? 

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These days women have an almost ideal life. After receiving a good education, they can choose their career path, get paid well, and become mothers in their 40s. However, nothing stands on its way to freedom. Despite all this, they are still unhappy and depressed.

After 40 years of fighting for equality, women have become 10 times more prone to depression than men. In addition, research by American economists showed that despite the significant progress in society, women are unhappier than before.

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A study conducted during the 70s showed that women were happier and more satisfied than men at those times. However, at the same time, today they are not that happy ( at least in the USA and twelve European countries).

Sociologists found a couple of reasons why this is happening. One of the reasons is that a woman has to be a wife, a mother, and a great employee simultaneously. Still, being a housewife is not as demanding as it was, so we can write that off as a reason.

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It looks like the most significant reason they are frustrated comes from the fact there is still gender inequality. It is still hard for women to move up in the company, their salary is still lower than men’s, and also, once they become pregnant, they mostly lose their job. For example, in Great Britain, over 30 million women get fired once they are pregnant.

It is more than enough reason to be frustrated. It also causes women to choose a career over motherhood.

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The rising number of divorces and different family life is also one of the causes of depression. But on the other hand, research has shown that age, marriage status, and kids have nothing to do with it. 

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