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Why Did I’ve Become So Numb: I Don’t Care If You Love Me or Hate Me?

I don’t care if someone likes me or not. I do not try to make someone like me. I am just being me.

It is simple: I don’t let what someone else says or does bother me. Each individual is responsible for their own deeds and says more about us than anything else.

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The more we are set apart from our ego, the more conscious we are, and we see more clearly. Once we stop paying attention to what others say and do, we stop wasting our time and energy on the wrong people.

The thing that takes away our energy the most is our ego. So if we want to say goodbye to our ego, we need to become more conscious.

We cannot lie to ourselves because our heart knows the truth. Ego will wear you down and make you feel tired.

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The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we control the ego. The truth is that it prevents us because we identify with it.

We are scared to part with our ego for fear of being weaker. Fear is the food of the ego.

Once we become free of the ego, we can connect to the source of everything and transform our consciousness.


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