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When A Woman Puts Herself First, Beautiful Things Start to Happen!

It is not natural to always just take of others and put yourself last. No mother should forget herself because of her children. A good wife and mother is not the one who constantly cooks and cleans. The best wife and mother is a happy one.

Woman puts herself first and then doing what she wants is the most important. It is not selfish but somewhat necessary. We spend too much time ignoring our needs because we put others first. We need to put as much effort into making ourselves happy as we do for others.

In modern times it is still a woman’s purpose to serve others.

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean not caring about others but actually taking care of yourself. The secret to a happy life is just this – take care of yourself. Once a woman does that, good things happen to her.


When we say taking care, we do not talk only about the outside. We mean spiritually rising, shaping your mind, and nurturing yourself. Making your wishes come genuine sparks joy.

Here are a few tips on how to do it :

Demand respect  

If you have self-respect, others will also respect you. But, on the other hand, if you demand respect, you will be appreciated.

No expectations 

Once you stop expecting things from people, everything becomes better.

The glow is back 

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