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This Is Why a Woman in Her 40s Is More Attractive Than a Young One

“Life starts at 40; anything else is just a preparation.”

All the women in their 40s: sit down and enjoy.

All the women younger than 40: sit down and pay attention. 

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All the men: sit down and accept the reality. 

This is the original script of Andy Rooney’s 60 minutes. 

He says the older he gets, the more respect he has for women in their 40s. 

Here are a few reasons why : 

She won’t wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you what you are thinking about. She just doesn’t care.

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When a woman in her 40s doesn’t feel like watching the game, she won’t rub it in her nose. Instead, she will do something she feels like doing. 

A woman in her 40s knows herself well enough to know who she is and what she wants. But, more importantly, she knows who she wants. 

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