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This Is for All the Women Who Had Their Hearts Broken but Still Managed to Find the Strength to Love Again

This is for you, darling,

The lonely one. 

This is for you, who seems tough and fights like a lion. But, on the inside, you are just a fragile little lamb. You put on a fake smile and never give up.

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This is for you – the one who fights hard no matter what kind of curveballs life throws. For the one who never settles for less.

This is for every woman who stands up for herself. For a woman who shouts “try me “instead of” why me.” This is for the bold ones.

This is for the woman who puts up a brave face, then goes to bed crying. This is for the one who thinks she is not good enough, not pretty enough, not beautiful enough, or not smart enough. This is for you – who think she doesn’t deserve to be happy.

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This is for the one who doesn’t feel attractive or loved. This is for you who sometimes feel that there is too much happening. For you, the one who overthinks and worries too much and gives others all of her. 

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