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20 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care Right Now

The next time you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed by adulting, take a deep breath and consider indulging in one (or all) of the items on this list. That annoying project can wait until after your candlelit bath, thank you very much.

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  1. Buy yourself fresh flowers just because it’s Tuesday and your desk looked sad and sparse.
  2. Watch your favourite movie with a giant bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine nearby.
  3. …Better yet, make it a sad one and have a long, hard, cleansing cry, just because.
  4. Light some candles and draw a bath. (Don’t be stingy with those fancy soaps and oils, either.)
  5. Or take a leisurely shower that involves hair masks, full-body exfoliation and shaving your legs…only if you want to.woman june 2022 portrait 15
  6. Then brush your hair slowly and deliberately (like you’re Rapunzel and you’re treating yourself to a scalp massage).
  7. Instead of focusing on the things you need to do, write down a list of your accomplishments. Because you’re awesome, dammit.
  8. Treat yourself to a massage…and hey, what the heck, why not add on a facial, too?
  9. Cancel unnecessary plans. Like drinks with that friend-of-a-friend you’re not sure you even like (or remember) in the first place.woman june 2022 portrait 4
  10. …And then hang out with your pet (or stuffed animal friend) all day.
  11. While you’re at it, take a break from social media. You won’t miss much—maybe another photo of your friend’s kid or the meal your boss ate on vacation.
  12. … And then watch all of the Carpool Karaoke’s instead. (Marry us, James Corden.)
  13. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and read to your heart’s content. (Maybe pause briefly to let the delivery guy in.)
  14. On that note, eat something that reminds you of your childhood…or being a college freshman. (The breadier and cheesier the better. It’s only one meal, y’all. There’s no need to feel guilty.)woman june 2022 portrait 13
  15. Take a long walk in your neighbourhood. No time constraints or errands involved.
  16. …Or venture to a nearby trail and just enjoy the beautiful nature around you.
  17.  Listen to the songs that make you happiest. (Full disclosure: That might mean the Backstreet Boys for some of us.)
  18. Lose yourself in a colouring book. (Psst, they make them for adults now.)
  19. Dance or jump around your house with reckless abandon (with those aforementioned happy jams, natch.) Repeat at least once a day. Hey, it’s for your health.
  20. Stand in the front of Mirror and tell yourself – ‘You’re awesome’!
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