Boy’s dream of finding home comes true after being adopted by best friend’s family: “Love doesn’t have a color”

Two years ago, Dominique and Kevin Gill welcomed a reclusive foster boy, Andrew, into their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Since his parents’ parental rights were terminated when he was 6 years old, Andrew, who was only 10 at the time, had already been in foster homes for almost half his life. “Andrew has four siblings and they were all adopted right away,” Dominique told TODAY. “During his first week with us, he sat in his room with the door closed and looked at old pictures. He didn’t want to talk.”

One day, Dominique’s son Joc asked Andrew if he wanted to play a video game. Joc was surprised to see Andrew nod his head. Dominique shared that the boys, who are now inseparable since that day has been best buddies.


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Dominique and Kevin asked Andrew, now 12, if he wanted to join their family permanently in May. When they started fostering, the Gills had no intention of adopting; all they wanted to do was help as many children as they could, much like Dominique’s parents had done when she was a child. But Dominique realized the shy seventh-grader was meant to be their child when Andrew’s second adoption attempt failed.


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