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AITA For Telling My Ex That His Stepdaughters’ Schedule Isn’t Important to Me?

Ex and I broke up 7 years ago. Our boys are 11 and 10. He has been married to Mae for 4 years now. Ever since he remarried our relationship has been high conflict. He tried to claim being married, having a “two parent household with siblings” meant our boys should be primarily with him, and not 50-50 like it had been since our relationship ended. He also sued to have the boys last names changed from mine to his. Both were denied.


He rejected the offer to hyphenate their names. It was very much a relationship destroyer. I was and still am pissed. Not only did he go through the courts about it but afterward he tried to convince me it would be better for our boys to live with a happily married couple, to have a mom, dad and sisters in one home. I told him they would never have their mom and dad in one home again. And that he should remember that. I’m pretty sure he was unhappy with that but it is what it is.

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His wife’s girls have some kind of access with their father but I’m not sure how frequent or infrequent it is. I know it doesn’t sound like the kids are in the house at the same time usually. My ex has tried to make this my problem.

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