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AITA For Reporting an Employee At My Gym And Getting Him Fired?

Let me explain this because I wasnt sure that I did something wrong but some people told me that it might have been too much and Im not sure now.

I(28F) go to a gym kinda close to my house, my(30M) husband doesnt go with me since I go way too early for him and there is one where he works so he goes there, I usually wake up at 6am and get there 6:45am – 7am.

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I do not talk to anyone there unless I have to, reception, maybe ask an employee for help, if I see anyone I know which have only happened like twice in the year that I’ve been going there, this only for context that I am not flirting or anything with anyone there, I am happily married and I go there to workout and leave.

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About a month ago, maybe a bit more idk there was a new employee who would always say good morning to me, even if he wasnt in the reception when I got there he would walk next to wherever I was working and day good morning, I would say it back bc well Is called being polite, I never engaged in a conversation with him and I also use my wedding ring everyday.

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