Why Men Cheat and How to Keep Your Men from Cheating

Finding out that our partner has been unfaithful is something no one wants. But if there is something good about this situation, it is that they cheated on someone who is not as good as we are.

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The recent research, which included 4.000 people, showed that most married men and women consider their partner more attractive than their lover.

Only 30% of men said their lover is younger than their wife, while 26% consider their lover to be more interesting. Only 25% of men think their mistress is hotter and more attractive than their partner.

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You are probably wondering what goes on in their minds? 

Participants say that their mistresses are more caring and attentive, listen to them carefully, and are more passionate.

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Women are quite different. 50% of women said their lovers are hotter and more attractive than their partner – which is probably the reason they committed this sin in the first place.

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