Nothing Lasts Forever: These Are the 3 Common Reasons Couples Argue

Sometimes couples lose a lot of energy arguing about silly things.

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Such thing is the thermostat – what temperature should it be, when to turn it off, etc. – this is something that 1/3 of couples argue about. A study showed that 4 out of 10 women change the temperature without their husbands knowing.

They admit to doing it just to avoid fights and arguments. Women are colder than men, which was proven by a study from 2015. It showed that women feel comfortable at temperatures between 24 and 25 Celsius – 2, 5 degrees more than men.

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Another study showed that a woman’s hands could not stand the cold, while men could. Estrogen is responsible for women not being able to handle the cold temperatures. In addition, blood clots form slowly because of it, and blood circulation is not good. 

Studies have also shown that women are cold when ovulating because of higher estrogen levels.

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Body metabolism has a vital role when it comes to body temperature. Women have a slower metabolism than men. Enormous body mass means your body metabolism works faster, which is the case for men.

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