These 3 Zodiacs Will Rock Your World, but Not in a Good Way


MAN 94

The King of the jungle and the King of drama – nothing is ever good enough for Leo. Everything has to be perfect, and everything has to be extra. However, he will update your wardrobe by the second date if you have a casual style. After all, he only dates fashion queens.

The perfumes he gives you might be repelling, but hey – he’s the fashion guru. You should feel honored you are dating such a stylish guy who drives a Ferrari (sounds like overcompensating for, you know what!).

MAN 93

Considering he’s the alpha male, he expects you to follow his orders without questions and never talk back. 

He doesn’t like a girl with an attitude. He prefers a girl who will nod to whatever he says. If you want this kind of relationship, go for it. Unfortunately, being his girlfriend means not having any friends (remember – no one is good enough for him). 


MAN 96

It is a walking nightmare! He will reprimand you for not cleaning everything a hundred times a day, not matching your colors in the wardrobe – I mean, who even cares about those things. You need to have the patience of a hundred to endure his nagging. Be sure he has planned the whole week and maybe even a year in advance. No surprises there! 

You have to repeat over and over again the time and the place where you should meet. If you are even a minute late, he will go on and on about it. He would forgive a murder but not that. 

MAN 95

Passive-aggressive is his nickname – at first glance, he is patient, friendly, and amicable – but he knows how to get on your wrong side. He is as self–confident as Leo. Both think they are God-given!

If you can put up with all of this and still keep dating him, know he remembers everything you did or said (even that argument over the toilet seat being up five years ago). Don’t worry; he will rub it in your nose! Of course, you won’t have the slightest idea what it is about 


MAN 98

Seductive oozes sexuality, and how he looks at you makes you shiver – that’s the best description of the Scorpio. So it’s no wonder you fell for him after a day. But you never know if he’s into you or just playing with you. 

He has a story worked out – he seeks love because he wasn’t loved as a young boy, he struggles with life-changing questions; he is just a lonely boy. He likes to take risks and invest money in shady businesses. Once he makes money, he will spoil you – you might feel like your life is a rom-com. But, he is just living La Vida Loca.

MAN 97

Keep that in mind because the harsh reality will hit you. Then, in the morning, you will think seriously about leaving him when you can barely make ends meet. After all, he’s just a one–night stand material. Not a future husband kind of guy. 

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