These 3 Zodiacs Are the Best Looking, But They Are Mama’s Boys

His looks make you weak in the knees, but he is overly attached to his mama makes him less attractive. Mama’s boy, as we like to call them, is usually these Zodiacs. 


MAN 85

The sensible Cancer needs his mother as a shoulder to cry on and as someone to listen to his constant complaints. He will tell her all the juicy details and phone her every second of the day. Dating such a person can be exhausting because his mom already knows your next move!


MAN 86

As much as Leo seems independent and proud, he still needs his mama. She will always be the most important woman in his life. Her word is the law. Even if you moved in together, the mother-in-law makes the decisions about your life. They meet up once a week for coffee and gossip.


MAN 87

Men Sagittarius like to live carelessly. They want to chill out and don’t like to think about the serious things in life. Why would they? They have their mommy to take care of things. She does his laundry every week and makes him lunch almost every day. He needs his momma and cannot imagine a world without her in it. 


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