These 3 Zodiacs Are the Worst Boyfriends Ever


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Virgo is serious, practical, and self-efficient. They are all about analyzing and putting you in some category. They keep others at a distance until they are entirely sure about them. In most cases, they are never certain.

The one who manages to have the Virgo trust them can feel a sense of accomplishment. 


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They get excitement from keeping their partner clueless. It is hard to read the Scorpio, and sometimes it may seem like it doesn’t know what it wants.

Another problem is the curiosity – to be more precise, it’s snooping around and questioning. If he has certain doubts, they will introduce severe punishment.


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For a short period, it is the best partner you can imagine. So if you want something short-loved or friendship with benefits, he’s the one for you. But if you want to settle down, you might want to avoid the Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is active both physically and mentally and always ready for a challenge. However, they quickly get bored with their partner unless they are exciting. By the time they are middle-aged, they might settle down.


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