3 Zodiacs Not Born Under the Lucky Star


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Virgo gives terrific pieces of advice but doesn’t know how to help them. When they feel nervous, they scrub the toilet, wash the windows and even clean while hosting. They plan every single thing and do not react well to surprises.

Life constantly throws curveballs their way. They finish cleaning everything, and someone spills wine on the carpet. As soon as they figure you out, you do something out of the ordinary, and now they have to start all over again. They often ask themselves who put a spell on them!


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What Libra hates the most is injustice. They see it all the time, and something terrible always happens to them. They never think before they speak, and then they overthink it. Libra likes luxury things and people who want those things. They give high importance to looks.

The biggest injustice is growing old. Libra likes to explore and discover mysteries. The issue is they take everything personally. Bad people are an insult to them. Libra is big on empathy and has a narrow mind.


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Pisces is its own biggest enemy. They are out of touch with the outside, making them prone to trouble. They have an exaggerated reaction to negative things. Pisces has a set life plan and doesn’t like to do things differently.

Reality kicks their ass all the time. They are bad at solving problems and try to drink them away.

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