Must-See Video: While Thanking Them, Fake Fans Cheering Amber Heart and Giving Her This

The legal conflict between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become a major talking point on almost all social media platforms. Since this has received a lot of attention, most of the public perception has favoured Johnny Depp while Amber Heard has been continuously subjected to bad publicity over the course of the trial.

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial will reach its conclusion soon after the jury gives its verdict following deliberations.


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The televised trial full of twists and turns has captivated the watching public around the world.

Due to the negative headlines as well as the onslaught of public backlash against Heard, the actress has decided to fire her PR team. According to the New York Post, sources claimed that Heard was “frustrated with her story not being told effectively” and that she had a very low tolerance for “bad headlines” in the press.


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In order to deal with the unending damage caused by social media users, Heard has refused to go ahead with the services of PR firm Precision Strategies. Instead, she has chosen to work with Shane Communications and her case will be led by CEO David Shane whose firm has previously worked against Depp.

Must-See Video is from Friday, catching Amber after leaving closing arguments in court! Still staging a facade. It seems that Amber Heart or her PR team arranged a stunt of fake Amber Heard fans.

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