Kardashian Fans Share Theory Behind Family Members’ Sudden Weight Loss

Fans have expressed concern regarding Kim, 41, and Khloe’s, 37, drastic loss in weight as some fear they may be taking it too far.

Neither Kim nor Khloe are strangers to making headlines when it comes to their bodies.


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Both have had their frames be the subject of many scrupulous conversations, whether praised, envied, thirsted after, or shamed.

But lately, fans seemed less concerned with scrutinizing the TV personalities’ bodies and more worried that they might be damaging them.


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On a Reddit board dedicated to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans shared their theories for why the sisters are suddenly determined to lose weight or quite possibly losing weight unintentionally.


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“I think Khloe got skinny because of her insecurity issues and stress, and Kim, who cannot stand to be outdone, lost weight to compete. How they went about losing it is most likely not due to [a] healthy diet and exercise.”

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