I Only Want Your Body: 3 Reasons Why You Only Attract Boys Who Are All About the $ex

Suppose all your exes just wanted to keep it physical and never took you out on a proper date. In that case, you are unconsciously attracting only the players! 

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Emotionally unavailable men are the worst type of men you can fall in love with. Unfortunately, most women in destructive relationships fall for precisely this type. We don’t do it intentionally, but it is hard to choose a regular, caring guy once we fall for this type.

If almost every guy you dated was hard to reach, it means you are a magnet for fools. Here’s why: 


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Job, gym, hobbies, girl nights out, and chores. All of these require time, and the less time you have, the more you attract these emotionally unavailable men. They just “smell “a woman without much extra time, which means she won’t bother him 24/7.


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Sometimes, a little drama is what we all need, but if you are a drama queen, you will like a man who will argue with you over every little thing. Emotionally unavailable men like drama almost as much as you do.


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He can smell it from a mile – you don’t know what you want out of life. He will be attracted to it because he doesn’t want any commitment. He thinks you don’t want anything serious, and he is good with that.

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