What A Man Wants, What A Man Needs: 3 Things Men Want, And the First One Will Surprise You

No, it’s not sex. I know you thought that. Instead, we are talking about qualities a man is looking for in his future wife.

These things are much more important: 


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As simple as that – a woman with confidence is much more attractive than the one who hasn’t. A man wants a woman who is happy with her life and not a fragile woman in need of rescue.


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Having a passion for something, whether it is a job, a hobby, or the people in her life, is sexy. A passionate woman is more attractive than a woman who can only be passionate about her man. 


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Everyone likes being surrounded by people who make us feel good. Positive-minded women have the energy which attracts men. On the other hand, negative women just don’t have this seductive energy.

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