The Know-Hows of Femme Fatale: 3 Ways to Seduce A Man

You got it wrong if you think that excellent makeup, fashionable outfits, and curves are the way to a man’s heart.

Neither men are from Mars, nor are women from Venus. We belong to the same world, and it should not be so complicated to win each other over.

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So what does it take? 

Three sure things can help seduce him, and you can spice it up – the success is guaranteed.


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We don’t mean giggling and laughing like a maniac to his dry jokes. On the contrary, we like people with positive energy who spread their positivity. This is what we call charisma. 

A genuine smile is the best makeup.


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When we say curvy and confident, we don’t mean looking like a Kardashian! We suggest natural beauty with self-confidence.

When a woman is confident, it is visible – she has a special kind of glow. Even if she is wearing a T-shirt and jeans, she looks like million bucks. If he likes your confidence, he will be blown away by you in (only) his shirt. 


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If a woman loves and respects herself, so will others. If you have enough self-respect and confidence, you will walk with your head up. You will not make up the worst-case scenario with your crush.

You won’t text him a hundred times or check his online status.

You won’t be bothered by mentioning his ex or won’t be jealous.

You just enjoy the moment, flirt with your crush, make love and laugh until you get a stomachache. 

Do you feel seductive yet? Well, maybe you should. Love yourself first before you let anyone else love you. 


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