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I Am Such a Strong and Defiant Woman, Incorrigible and Unbearable to Many: Here’s Why

There are many jokes about marriage, and one of the most famous ones is that once a man gets married, he no longer lives. Still, science has proven that marriage has many benefits for men.

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A lot of men do not rush to get married. On the other hand, women start planning their weddings in their early twenties. Freedom is precious for men, and marriage means the lack of it.

There are many kinds of prejudice about marriage, and half of them are false. Married men behave better than single ones, partially because of the marriage and partially because serious men don’t stay single.

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Bad behavior is often considered anti-social – doing crime, lying, being aggressive – this is something only an anti-social person could do. But, once they get married, they want to change.

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