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Four Best Friends Who Met While Battling Childhood Cancer Celebrate Their High School Graduations

“I’m a double cross disease survivor and I’m going to this very incredible school for cheer and trick and it’s something that not much of children that go through what we went through get to do,” she said.

Laura Gerak, Ph.D., a pediatric clinician at the emergency clinic, recollected the four companions and their capacity to constantly search out the positive.

Not in the least did their kinship and uplifting perspectives assist them with getting by, however each engaged in clinical preliminaries connected with their determination to assist doctors with additional grasping the sickness.


As every one forges ahead to their next experience – school – they shared some exhortation they realized when things were extreme.

“You ought to be empathetic in all circumstances,” Morgan said.

“You’ll have your actual companions clearly until the end of your life and they’ll adore you for whoever you are, anything that you’ve experienced,” Kemery said.

Congrats to every one of these young ladies. They have proactively had to deal with to such an extent. I have presumably anything that they put their focus on they will achieve.

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