For These 3 Zodiac Signs Being Alone Is Their Destiny

Everyone has their ups and downs, but these Zodiacs have a hard time staying in a relationship. It’s primarily because of their flaws. 


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Taurus can be great partners because they are selfless and will do anything for their partner. However, their biggest flaw is that they open up and lay all their cards on the table – even before the first date. This makes it easy for others to cross them over since they cannot evaluate others properly.


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As the name suggests, Libra always tries to weigh in and never fully commits to the relationship. They always have a second option and don’t focus on the issues in their relationship. To be honest, they are just waiting for something better. If it doesn’t, they are disappointed and abruptly end their relationship. 


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The issue with the Virgo is that it constantly analyzes its partner. They give too much importance to everything, even the slightest change in their voice or something trivial. They have a fantastic talent to make a big deal out of nothing. Once they create an image in their head and make up a bunch of fake scenarios, their partner has no choice but to run away from the nut job.

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