3 Zodiac Signs Who Just Can’t Get Over Their Ex

They cannot quickly move on and find new love.

Breakups are not easy, and one person gets hurt more. Maybe this is connected to the horoscope. While a split means turning a new page for some, it’s hard to let go of the past for others. So let’s see what Zodiacs suffer for months after ending things: 


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Cancer is not the one to easily let go. They are all in, so they idealize their partner. Once the breakup happens, it takes them a long time to realize and make peace with it.


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Leo doesn’t fall in love that easily, but once it happens, Leo will go the distance for that person. They always thought it would last forever, and the breakup tore Leo apart. This makes them fear the loss, and they don’t easily fall in love again. 


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Sagittarius falls in love a hundred times a day and rarely has a long-lasting relationship. When they give their all to a person and that someone breaks their heart, they become even more careful and compare everyone to their ex.

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