3 Zodiacs That Are So Close Yet So Far from Finding True Love

There’s a saying: You are as happy as much as you decide you want to be satisfied. This is true for some, while others are not so lucky. These Zodiacs are always so close to getting their dream job or being with someone they like. But they don’t let this get them down.


Virgo acts like a winner in almost any situation. But don’t be fooled by their act. It’s not all that peachy. They will do everything to make others happy but won’t do the same for themselves. Details are essential to achieving a goal. Even if the goal is not reached, the Virgo won’t give up. 


Sagittarius is prone to letting others take the chance for happiness and not doing it for themselves. Sagittarius is not a sore loser, and they carry losses with dignity. However, it can be a bit lazy, making it easy to miss out on an opportunity. 


The reason why Capricorn is unlucky is that he is boastful and overestimates himself. In addition, he doesn’t like losing and makes it even worse by being bitter about it.

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