British Father who Left His Family for a Ukrainian Refugee Now Invites Another Woman to Share their House

The British dad, who left his accomplice of a decade after going gaga for a Ukrainian displaced person who approached to stay at their home for half a month, is presently intending to wed her.

Tony lived in Bradford and was recently hitched by a lady named Lorna. Their marriage went on for ten great years until he met Sofiia.

He imparts two girls to Lorna, one six years of age and the other just three.

He became hopelessly enamored with a 22-year-old Ukrainian young lady named Sofiia Karkadym, who had moved into the couple’s home a couple of months prior in the wake of escaping her old neighborhood of Lviv.

Also, inside only fourteen days, he guaranteed that he was enamored with Sofiia. At the point when his significant other Lorna defied him, he conceded that he cared deeply about the new young lady, and she likewise enjoyed him.

His significant other requested that the young Ukrainian lady moves out of their home. Yet, shockingly, her better half Tony additionally chose to leave with her.

Tony, who used to function as a safety officer, is now jobless and residing with Sofiia in a leased house in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

As per the new update, the couple means to get hitched soon. In all the mayhem, when Tony is attempting to switch his vasectomy and recording a suit in court to look for the court’s consent to see his little girls, he and Sofiia have taken in another displaced person couple from Ukraine.


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