Beauty YouTuber Forced to Carry Dead Fetus for 2 Weeks After Miscarriage Due to Abortion Ban

Weeks after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a Texas woman’s heartbreaking story is shedding light on the very personal impact of abortion bans.

Marlena Stell recently spoke to CNN about her “gut-wrenching” miscarriage and how she was forced to carry her dead fetus for two weeks after a doctor refused to provide medical intervention due to a Texas anti-abortion law.

Stell, a beauty YouTuber and organizer behind beauty care products organization Makeup Geek, at first made sense of in a video last year that she and her significant other were excited to learn of her pregnancy, noticing that a ultrasound at around 7 weeks showed that everything with her child was typical.

Notwithstanding, another ultrasound fourteen days after the fact uncovered Stell experienced a pregnancy misfortune. “[The doctor] said there is no heartbeat. There is no feasible pregnancy,” she told the power source.

Following the news, Stell asked her PCP for an expansion and curettage method (D&C), a medical procedure to eliminate the baby that is likewise used to cut short a living embryo, to stay away from disease or long haul medical problems.


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