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AITA: Woman Refused to Pay Her Son For Babysitting

I started to go back to the office on Fridays, so I could not pick up my 11yo son from school. My 20yo son is home, so I offered him gas money (like $40) to pick him up and stay with him until I get home (a couple of hours).

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Because Monday is a holiday, I managed to leave work early today. I came home, and no one was home. So I texted my 20yo to see where they were, and he said they were at a Coffee Bean by my son’s school. I guess that’s where all the cool middle schoolers hang out after school on Friday.
They didn’t know I was home early, so I decided to pick my 11yo up and do a fun dad-son day like bowling and arcades.

When I got to the Coffee Bean, my 20yo was on his phone. He was surprised to see me. I asked where Logan was. He said he might be behind the cafe. So I asked him how does he not know where his brother was and if he ever was picked up.

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He said he was picked up, but Logan and a few of his friends wandered off to the back. I asked what they were doing in the back, and he sarcastically told me he did not know because he wasn’t there.
I go around the back, and I see my 11yo kissing this girl. I asked him what he was doing, and he said nothing. So I told him to get his ass in the car. My son said they were “pretending” to kiss. So for that, I found him guilty of the kissing and perjury.

My 20yo asked for the money owed to him, and I said I’m not paying him shit. I told him that his brother was making out with a girl behind the cafe. That’s NOT okay. He’s 11. 11yo boys need supervision. That’s what I was paying my 20yo for.

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He said he would call their mom/my ex because he was owed the money. I told him to call her and don’t forget to say to her what Logan was doing because I will. Obviously, he changed his mind on that.

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