A Woman Faced Harsh Criticism When She Revealed the Rules Of Her Marriage Online: He Can’t Do This

My way or the highway: If he follows my rules, we are good.

She says that it works for her and her husband. Hanging out with the opposite sex is forbidden in their marriage.

Bailey McPherson knew her rules would not be famous when she posted them on TikTok, naming the video “Rules that others hate but my husband and I accept.” Young mum listed her rules in two separate videos and provided the next episode explaining the controversial thinking.


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The first thing on the list that caused the most controversy says, “there is no spending time with the opposite sex.” She also says this rule applies to their workplace, and they can never be alone with the other gender.

In the end, she said that texting the opposite gender is forbidden. A husband and wife also have some rules about the content they watch. Besides not being allowed to watch porn, lust for others is also on the no-no list. One of the significant rules is putting each other first.

Her video has over 600.000 views, and the comment section is full of opposite opinions. Many people thought she took it too far with the rules, and one person even wrote it is equal to the expression “say you don’t trust your partner without actually saying it.” 

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