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AITA For Complaining About a Doctor Who Berated Me About Gaining Too Much Weight During My Pregnancy?

I (36F) am pregnant with my second child and I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I’m 34 weeks and I’ve gained almost 70 lbs. I’m also really petite (5’1”) and only weighed 105 lbs pre-pregnancy so it’s obviously a lot. However, the same thing happened during my first pregnancy and I lost almost all the weight within a few months, and was back to pre-pregnancy size within a year post-partum.

I also don’t have gestational diabetes and everything seems healthy and normal with both baby and me. The huge weight gain seems to run in the family bc my mom also gained between 60-80 lbs with each kid (also very petite pre-pregnancy and no gestational diabetes) and my sister gained almost 100 lbs (same thing).

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Anyway, so at my latest appointment, my OB basically started berating me about the weight gain. He said I was becoming obese and putting my health and the baby at risk and started asking me very aggressively about the kinds of food I eat. When I mentioned that I eat carrots with hummus he started berating me about eating high calorie foods and demanded that I keep a food journal and count calories.

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I tried to tell him I do eat healthy and exercise, but he essentially told me that he didn’t believe me bc “the scale doesn’t lie.” After the appointment, I contacted the office and said I absolutely never want to see him again and that I wanted to file a complaint about his behavior. Most people say I did nothing wrong but my BIL (who is also a doctor) said while the OB should have talked to me with more tact, he was correct to be worried about my weight gain.

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