Relationship Expert Advises You to Date More Than One Man At a Time: Here’s Why

A relationship expert says that a woman should not focus all her attention on just one man.

If you are looking for the right one, the magic number is three. Not one by one, but at the same time.

I know what I want from my man 

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Do you know the legend of how Rapunzel tried three bowls of oatmeal – one was too cold, the other too hot, and the third one was just right. A similar principle can be used with your suitors, no matter where you have met them. So what is the magic number when it comes to dating? According to a matchmaker, the answer is three.

Laurel House, a relationship expert, says this is not about using people. If you are dating more people simultaneously, it doesn’t mean you are superficial, unfaithful, or using people. It just means you want to know who the right one for you is. Once you start dating someone, you have the right to connect with as many people as you wish. But, of course, you should let all the people you are seeing know about it.

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