5 Greatest Reasons for Which It Is Good to Have a Scorpio in Your Life

Friendship with a Scorpio is peculiar because you will pay instantly for a bond. When meeting someone, the Scorpio is careful and likes to get to know the person well before becoming friends. Once it feels safe, the Scorpio will become someone you will learn to love.

5. The funny one 

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We all like to have someone who will make us laugh, and Scorpio is, without a doubt, that someone. They like sarcasm and dark humor and can take a joke.

Casual hanging out is their cup of tea. But, if you give the Scorpio a chance, they will make you laugh.

4. Your enemy is my enemy 

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If someone is messing with the people they love, Scorpios can be merciless. They will do anything to protect the ones they love. It will use its intelligence, energy, and resourcefulness to fight the enemy. They don’t stray away from getting physical, either.

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