5 Most Cruel Signs Of The Zodiac: The First Is Verbally Almost Invincible

As humans, we both have good and bad sides, which are crucial for our personality. Many articles talk about the best side of the Zodiac, but no one mentions the worst one.

Here are the five most harsh Zodiacs: 

5. Scorpio

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As a Water sign, it is the most intense and passionate Zodiac. This intensity can go either way, and it is not good if it goes wrong. The Scorpio suddenly gets bitter and possessive. If things don’t go their way, it can be fierce.

Scorpio will try to see through your intentions and will test you.

You can never win a fight with the Scorpio. He knows how to hit where it hurts the most.

4. Cancer 

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Cancer is a Water sign and is highly emotional and caring. It can become destructive if it feels threatened or is afraid it will lose something dear to it.

It can become highly unpleasant and wild under the influence of emotions, but it will regret it later.

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