5 Most Manipulative Zodiacs Ever

It sure happened once or twice that you met someone who knows how to get their way. We all have one person in our life that played us. But, unfortunately, most people unconsciously manipulate others.

We are all different, and we manage to hide our flaws, especially in front of others. There is a little manipulative side to all of us. Whether or not we are aware of it, this is a survival skill, and sometimes we have to use it. Our birth month determines how skilled we are at it.

Scorpio (October 23rd ~ November 21st) 

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Do not be fooled by his kind eyes. They are secretive and don’t trust people easily.

Let’s say that your longtime friend just doesn’t trust you. So he will secretly find new friends, and there you have it –you are no longer beasties. You cannot help but wonder what went wrong.

Scorpio is jealous as it gets and extremely convincing. He is the master of manipulation and knows it very well.

Cancer (June 21st ~ July 22nd)

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Cancer is deeply intuitive, which can be a blessing. However, this is sometimes bad for you. He will blame you for things you never did.

He will find a reason to hate you and blame you for something you did way back. It is hard to handle him holding a grudge.

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