42% People On Tinder Are Married Or Taken: Here’s Why

A team of researchers in the Netherlands and USA discovered that 42% of Tinder users are not single.

They also discovered a lot of bullying, usually sending unwanted dick picks or trolling someone. Dating sites also encourage ghosting.

Imagine this:

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You are sitting in a bar, and a stranger comes up to and starts hitting on you, and you say something like: No way, you are too short for me! 

Or you make the first move, and the guy tells you that you are too fat.

If people behaved like this in the real world, no one would want to have a first date due to the fear of rejection.

However, on dating sites, these things happen daily. People have more courage sitting behind their laptops and have a primitive selection process. There are too many options out there, so people treat each other like trash.

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The profile on the app is not considered to be a person but just a number and a picture that we can swipe left or right. Even though the dating apps do not show mercy, they see a rise in the number of users. 

Scams, rudeness, and bullying 

Using the apps like Tinder, OkCupid and others can hurt your feelings. However, even after discovering that in 2018 42% of people using the apps were already taken but were still looking for new love, their popularity keeps increasing.

Tinder makes it hard to stay loyal.

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Dana Weiser, a teacher at the University of Texas Tech who majored in infidelity, was interested in Tinder. After one of her students told her that her friend’s boyfriend said he was single on Tinder, she wanted to do some research. She managed to collect data from 55o students about infidelity on Tinder.

Around 64% of them said that many of their acquaintances used the single status on Tinder while being in a serious relationship in real life. But, of course, this wasn’t such a surprise. Even 17% of the participants said they contacted someone on Tinder while being taken, and around 7% said they even got intimate with their Tinder dates while dating someone else.

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Weiser said why people cheat differentiate and that Tinder makes it more accessible. Apps like Tinder offer you more options because they can find someone far away from them looking for sex and romance.

Last year Tinder let its users know they can block anyone they don’t like – like their family members, colleagues, and exes. Unfortunately, this feature only makes it harder to catch cheaters.

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