I Like Them Married: Other Women Hate Me Because I Only Date Married Men

How is it sleeping with someone knowing they will go to another woman after sex?

I did not choose to be like that; it just happened – even though I know it is wrong.

At one point, I will need to leave. It hurts too much.

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Nina (28) is having an affair with a married man. They met at work, and she felt an instant connection. They have been having a secret romance since they kissed on one field trip. Nina knows he has a wife and kids waiting for him at home. But, sometimes, she can close her eyes and imagine things are different.

When we are together, it is just the two of us in the whole world.

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I know that other women hate me because I am a homewrecker. But sometimes you cannot choose the one you love. Sometimes I cannot ignore the voices in my head saying that it is wrong. We usually meet two to three times a week at my place. He says he is meeting the boys for a drink, or he has to stay late at work.

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