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My Body, My Choices: People Judged Me for Being a Mom of Two At 19, Here’s Why

Although age doesn’t define you as a parent, people underestimate or even judge young mothers.

A Tik Tok user named Kyla says she faced a lot of criticism when she gave birth to two kids at the age of 19.

People used to tell me a lot of times that by giving birth to two children at the age of 19, I have ruined my life,” – said the 32 –year-old in a video she posted on Tik Tok.

This likable woman thinks the opposite. So after her kids reached their teens, she decided to speak up for herself.

I just wanted to tell you: You were wrong. Now at 32, with two teenagers, I am having the time of my life. I forgot the stress of having babies a long time ago,” – she wrote in the video.


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Her video caused others to jump on the wagon, and some even commented she looks great for a mother of two teens.

She can finally tend to herself because her kids are grown up and can care for themselves.

This is just one of the perks of being a young mum.

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