These 3 Zodiac Signs Are the Most Jealous of Them All

Jealousy is sometimes a healthy part of a relationship when it is in ordinary quantity. However, there are Zodiacs whose jealousy tends to ruin the most perfect relationships.


They have trust issues even if they don’t want to admit it. They simply always have certain doubts and feel the need to keep tabs on their partner. If there is the smallest grain of doubt, they become the worst. They become impulsive and show their worst side. They might even get violent.


Leos are jealous, and they show it openly. They are possessive and can’t control their jealousy – they even consider this a good trait. If you hurt their pride, don’t live up to their expectations, or, god forbid, cheat on them, they will show their true colors. 


Although there are exceptions to the rule, the Scorpio is infamous as the most jealous Zodiac. They cannot hide it. They just ooze jealousy. They are not tactical about it, and they show it openly. They will cause a scene and leave you embarrassed. 

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