Three Zodiac Signs That Are Always ‘A Fool in Love’

Some people just live for passion and love. You probably have a friend who doesn’t stay single for longer than 5 minutes. But, then, they have to be one of these signs.


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Once Sagittarius enters a relationship, they want everything or nothing. Unfortunately, this makes them seem a bit crazy and overly attached. 

If their partner wants to take things slow, the Sagittarius will go crazy.


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Not only do they want to go fast, but they also want things done their way. They are control-freaks, and if their partner wants something different, they will get anxious.


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Virgo knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to say it loud and clear.

If they don’t have enough courage to take a stand, they will do it passively-aggressively or manipulate their way and get what they want.

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