Three Zodiac Signs That Are Always ‘A Fool in Love’

Some people just live for passion and love. You probably have a friend who doesn’t stay single for longer than 5 minutes. But, then, they have to be one of these signs.


Once Sagittarius enters a relationship, they want everything or nothing. Unfortunately, this makes them seem a bit crazy and overly attached. 

If their partner wants to take things slow, the Sagittarius will go crazy.


Not only do they want to go fast, but they also want things done their way. They are control-freaks, and if their partner wants something different, they will get anxious.


Virgo knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to say it loud and clear.

If they don’t have enough courage to take a stand, they will do it passively-aggressively or manipulate their way and get what they want.

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