3 Horoscope Signs Who Love Unconditionally and Always End Up Hurt

Some people wear their hearts on a sleeve and suffer severely after a breakup. Unfortunately, this is a regular thing for these signs. 

When you love, you almost always get your heart broken. While some people fall in love easily, some keep their distance until they are 100% sure it’s true love. Love is a beautiful thing, but it can also hurt like hell.


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Cancer is reserved initially, but as soon as they think it is the right thing – they are all in. They will do anything for their partner. However, sometimes it is too much and too intense for others.


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Pisces have a terrible habit of keeping everything to themselves – their worries and displeasure. In a relationship, they always play the victim because they don’t want to share their thoughts and feelings with their partner. They will put others first and themselves last. This is the main reason they get their heart broken.


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Once they like someone, they are all in. This means not listening to their brain but following their heart and living in the moment. But, unfortunately, that’s what makes them vulnerable and eventually get hurt. 

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